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Quick update and a video my son took of me playing piano

I usually don’t post videos like this because I feel like the sound quality is terrible, but now I figure what the hell. Every once in a while someone will ask to see me actually play a song, which I … Continue reading

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Daughter Playing Piano For The First Time

In my last post, I talked about how my grandmother was the first person to really think that maybe I’d be able to play piano. Everyone in my family always loved music, and my dad played trumpet in school as … Continue reading

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First Person To Show Me How To Play The Piano

Every once in a while, someone will ask me, “How did you learn to play like that?” Well, I really don’t have a good answer. I honestly don’t know, but I’m forever grateful because it is a God given talent. … Continue reading

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Creative Process- Writing A Layered Piano Song

There’s no right or wrong way to compose a song. Each musician kind of approaches it differently, so just keep that in mind! Here is just my way of writing a piano song that’s layered (using different instruments and sounds … Continue reading

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A Look Back On Your Life 50 Years From Now

All of us are so different in so many ways. We all have different dreams, goals, careers and responsibilities that sets us apart from each other. We go about our day, not really giving much thought to anything but the … Continue reading

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Tips For Moving A Piano

  This pic is from a month  ago, so it’s kind of old news now, but I thought the picture was still worth sharing.  A piano was found in New York’s East River.  Original article and pic   It got me thinking though. Do you think … Continue reading

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Thanks for stopping by! I know, I know…there’s a million blogs out there. Especially mommy blogs.  When I first set this blog up a few years ago, my intention was to just post about my piano music and occasionally other things … Continue reading

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