Music Portfolio

retro music for blogHere are some some past and current projects that I’ve written music for. I have written many, many songs for independent films that don’t seem to make it once production gets going, if at all. I used to have links here for those movies, but recently took them down. I’ll add them back up if these films make it in the future.

Lifesigns (Founded by Jeannie Anderson) is a non-profit organization in Tennessee that offers classes to women who want to step out of their current life situation and have the desire to succeed. Many of these women are coming out of an abusive situation in the home (my songs are in their promotional videos).

Bibliotheque Music Library-This is an exclusive music library that places songs in many different projects worldwide. Here is my song on this site, called Sunrise.

If you’re an independent film maker or someone who’s involved in choosing the music for projects, and you’d like me to write custom music for you, please do not hesitate to contact me!

-Lindsay Della Vella



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