Story Behind Each Song

Every song that anyone ever writes has some kind of story behind it. It might not be something huge, but something inevitably caused the artists to feel inspired to write. Just think about your favorite song for a minute. Ever notice how many songs are about break ups? The opposite is true too. There’s thousands of love songs out there. So many musicians are inspired to write a song based on things going on in their own life, but when people hear the songs, they interpret it to be about their own life. I really believe that your favorite songs really do convey how you feel about life and things going on in the world.

My songs do not have lyrics or any words at all, so they are open to interpretation. Many people have told me they find my songs relaxing and also reflective. So they start thinking about their own life and past. While I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad through my music, I have to admit that I’m happy that people listen to my songs long enough to have some kind of reaction and form an opinion.

So, I’m going to attempt to share what each of my songs mean to me. Obviously this is not the only interpretation of the song, but it was what I was feeling as a musician when I wrote it. I’ve never even attempted to share my feelings towards my own songs, so bear with me. I hope it doesn’t sound silly. Click each song below to read the story behind it.

“Invisible” by Lindsay Della Vella (2013)


“Journey” By Lindsay Della Vella (2013)


“Angel” By Lindsay Della Vella (2014)


I will be adding the meaning of my other songs here soon as well. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my songs!

3 Responses to Story Behind Each Song

  1. Angela Spadaro says:

    I just love your music so much…………really truly relaxes me so much. I have such a hard time doing that……..


  2. Pam Kulczar says:

    You are SO TALENTED! I am AWE! I LOVE…LOVE…LOVE piano music! and it’s not always easy to find GREAT PIANO MUSIC! (THANK YOU for sharing this very personal hobby with me!)


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