This is a pic of Lindsay and her husband

 Lindsay Della Vella has been playing the piano by ear since she was a young child. She was always too shy to really share her songs with anyone other than family and a few close friends until recently. Years ago, her parents encouraged her to go to college for music, but she didn’t listen, and instead got her teaching degree from Temple University, a decision she now regrets, because music is in her heart and soul.

me and vince

But, better late than never. Her four young children love her music and gave her the courage to finally share her songs with other people.

They believe that she will be famous someday. She’s not so sure about that, but is just happy that people really just like her music and enjoy listening to her songs. Her songs have been in independent films, promotional videos and played on internet radio.

She recently went back into the workforce as a medical coder/auditor. Even though it’s pretty much the opposite of writing music–she really enjoys it.

She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, 4 kids, a dog and a cat. So her house is crazy most of the time, but that is ok.

To hear her songs, please see the music player on the top right of the screen.

To see the songs available for download, click here.

To see videos of her songs click here.



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