Update on new songs and possible film project

 I attempted to record my songs on these when I was a kid. Shows that I'm getting old :)

I attempted to record my songs on these when I was a kid. Shows that I’m getting old πŸ™‚

Well I’m starting to feel like a little bit of a slacker because I haven’t recorded my new song yet. I don’t know why this happens to me sometimes. I spend so much time writing a song–and then when it’s done that’s it. It’s not like I forgot how to play it or anything–but I just don’t record it and then start writing something else, and that seems to be what happened this time. I know I can sit here and say I’m too busy, but we’re all busy and that’s not even it. I don’t know what it is. Sometimes once I’m finished writing a song, I can’t wait to record it–other times not so much. But I just wanted to tell you guys that the song is done and I still plan on recording it πŸ™‚

As far as other songs go- I have a song I wrote about 7 months ago to possibly be part of an independent film called, The Stones We Throw.Β Β The director loved the song at the time and said she’d be in touch…but then I kind of gave up on the idea of it being used because I never heard back. But last week I did talk to her, and she said she’s talking to the music supervisor about it, so we’ll see πŸ™‚ It’s a very different sounding song. It doesn’t sound like anything else I’ve ever written, and it’s supposed to sound very disturbing, creepy and kind of put people on edge. I remember when I was writing it, my kids wouldn’t listen to it. They said it was too scary πŸ™‚ But that’s the kind of song I wanted, so that was a good thing! I guess I’ll know soon whether or not the song makes it into the film. But, all the rights to the song are mine, so if it doesn’t make it into this project, I’ll share it on here. I think you’ll like it, even though it is a very strange song.

shark-02Everything else is going good. All the kids are doing well and are looking forward to summer. I’m glad it’s almost summer too, even though it’s just not as fun when you’re an adult πŸ™‚ Remember as a kid when summer meant no more homework and just fun stuff all day long? Now I just have the weekends really, but I hope to still make it fun. We’re planning on taking the kids to the beach as much as we can. But I can never relax when we go. I get paranoid of the kids wandering off, getting sucked in to the ocean, sharks…the list kind of goes on and on. I think that’s normal for a mom to think of those things and be worried, but it definitely takes the fun out it.

What about you? What are your plans this summer?

Thanks for reading-

Lindsay Della Vella

Photo credits- Tor0077 at www.freedigitalphotos.net, pic from Finding Nemo.

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Lindsay Della Vella BS, COC is the founder and owner of Midnight Medical Coding. Our goal is to provide education to diagnostic radiology coders.
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