Tips For Moving A Piano

 piano in water pic This pic is from a month  ago, so it’s kind of old news now, but I thought the picture was still worth sharing.  A piano was found in New York’s East River.

 Original article and pic

  It got me thinking though. Do you think someone put it there? Or do you think   it somehow really did wash up on the shore?

  It would be incredibly tough to move a piano outside like that, and not get    noticed by anyone. So, in my opinion, I think it did wash up on the shore    somehow, even though that is kind of weird. So, what do you think?

But that leads me to my next point. Are you thinking of moving a piano and have no idea how to do that the right way? Here are some links to other articles and videos that may be of help to you. Disclaimer-these are not my articles/videos, but I thought they offered good advice.

Just please do your research before actually moving your piano. If you don’t, and you accidentally break your piano (or your foot) you will regret it. There’s a few ways you can go about this.

1. You can hire professional movers (This is just one company. There are many to choose from).


2. You can use a special machine, called a Klavier-Roller machine to help you.



3. You can move it yourself…but these guys do it all wrong. They don’t wrap the piano, it’s laid on it’s back, which will damage it…THIS IS HOW NOT TO MOVE A PIANO.


 4. Sometimes pianos have to be transported out of a window.



That last video is pretty crazy. If I was there I’d be nervous seeing that! Glad everything looked like it turned out fine though.

Here are some other articles that offer advice on moving pianos. Again, I did not write these articles but I thought they were helpful.

Learn To Move–The Encyclopedia of Moving

How To Move A Piano

Tips And Tricks To Moving A Piano

Upright Piano Moving Tip


Do you have any advice you’d like to share? Please let us Know!

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