How To Write An Email About Your Music Without Sounding Like An Idiot

Ok, so you have a great new song or cd, and you think it would sound great in a movie or on tv. How can you actually get your songs heard by someone in the industry? Well, there’s tons of advice out there, but the best advice I have, is just to remember that everyone you contact in the industry is a person. Pretty basic idea, right? Let me explain. Most of us, when we write a song, we think it’s the best thing ever. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but that’s not really the point. Something to keep in mind, as sad as it might be, is that there are another million people out there just like you, who think their song is the best.

Everyone thinks their music is the best.

Everyone thinks their music is the best.

So, imagine you’re a music supervisor at a library or anywhere else in the industry. You’d probably get hundreds of emails a day saying “check out my new song.” Think of how annoying that would be. After a while, any normal person would just be overwhelmed and start hitting delete before even reading your email. The key here is to do your homework. Know something about the person your emailing, so you can maybe make some kind of connection with them. Do they have a bio on the site? Usually it says where they went to school, what projects they worked on. Try to say something that makes some kind of connection to them, so you (and your music) stand out next to the other hundreds of people contacting them each day. But also, you have to be sincere in what you’re saying. If you find a music supervisor who works mostly with rap artists, and you think rap is the worst music ever, don’t say you love it, just to be the music supervisors’ friend. Find something to say, but make sure it’s real and sincere.

Don't try to bull sh*t people. They will know.

Don’t try to bull sh*t people. They will know.


Here is my own personal experience with this. I send out many, many emails. Maybe for every 75 I send out, I get 10 responses. Out of those, 9 are a “thanks, but no thanks” for one reason or another. So that leaves one. That last one usually leads to an opportunity to write (not necessarily money, but just the chance that they want me to write a new song, or they like some of my other songs and add them to their library). Either way, it’s a good contact.


I’m working with one music library now, and the email I sent them, was kind of silly. They had on their website in the bio section, that there is a dog that “works” in the office, and listens to music. I was kind of delirious from lack of sleep at the time, and discouraged because I felt like no one would even read, let alone respond, to my emails. So, when I was

Did this really happen? Probably not, but it's funny to think it did.

Did this really happen? Probably not, but it’s funny to think it did.

writing my email to this company, I was imagining that the dog was the one listening to my music, so instead of asking the music supervisor to listen, I asked him to ask the dog instead. I figured no one was even going to read my email anyway. Make a long story short, I heard back from them the next day, they loved my music and now I’ll be working with them on a new cd this month. The important thing here is though, I really did want to write for them, I really do like dogs, and I was sincere in everything I said in the email. So, everything I said was real. That shows to the person you’re sending it to.

I think a lot of us that write music, find it kind of tough to write an email about our music, without sounding like an idiot. Sorry, but it’s true. If you just try to make yourself stand out in some way, and try to really know something about the person you want to listen to your music, eventually you’ll find someone who will give you a chance! Good luck to all of you out there!

To here some of my songs-please see the music player to the right of the screen.

Do you have any more advice or an experience with this that you’d like to share with us. Please comment below.

-Lindsay Della Vella

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